Church Consulting Starter Kit


If you have ever said “I would like to start a church consulting practice“, the Starter Kit is for you. Or perhaps you would like to relaunch or revitalize your existing practice. Either way, the Kit has been designed to provide you the tools you need. It includes these features:

  • An Introductory Guide to help you prepare and consider your options
  • Perspective on how Society training and certification can assist you
  • A brief 15-minute webinar that guides you through the use of your Kit
  • Guiding definitions of church consulting
  • A 20-page Planning Reference Manual with instructive guidance in 60 categories. Work with every category or only those you need
  • A 12-page Planning Working Document. Create your plan using the Reference Manual
  • Optional ways to organize your consulting practice structure
  • How to define your consulting target market
  • How to define your consulting services as a generalist or specialist
  • Learn 8 ways to price your services
  • 10 ways to promote your services
  • How to plan and fund your startup expenses
  • How to plan your first year sales and expenses
  • A sample Excel file Gantt chart tool to organize your activities as you start your practice
  • 1 free hour of coaching from Society President for Basic Members and Nonmembers
  • Premium Members may use their coaching hours for more assistance

Please Note:

  1. The Starter Kit is not a substitute for Society Training and Certification. The Society path to certification complements and enhances the launching of your consulting practice. The Kit will show you how.
  2. The results from use of the Kit will vary from user to user. While we believe this is a useful tool in most circumstances, the Society makes no guarantees with regard to your results.
  3. The imagery of a box is for promotion purposes only. The Kit consists of various electronic files that will be emailed to you.


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