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We offer both a Basic and a Premium level of membership to help you reach your consulting goals

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Register for Your Level 5 Project

Level 5 is our most advanced level of training. In this practicum, you will be coached by an instructor or shadow a certified consultant in an actual consultation.

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Become Certified

Our certification process is ideal for consultants, denomination leaders,  and pastors desiring credentials in the field. Are you interested?

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Our Training at Your Location

The Society regularly brings our training to denominational settings through a service we call Custom Live Training.

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Download our FREE Consultant Training Guide!

We’d like to give you a FREE 17-page comprehensive guide to our training and certification path, right now. Learn how you can become a certified church consultant.

Revitalization Training

The Society recorded Revitalization Training live May-July 2018. You can start this training and engage it self-paced. Aspiring consultants can complete Levels 1-4 training this way. Pastors and leaders can learn revitalization tools.

The Church Consulting
Starter Kit

Get the tools you need to launch your church consulting practice. This is a comprehensive planning tool based on many years of experience. We also have coaching available to help guide you through it.


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