We offer a service to denominational and church leaders to help them find a consultant that has been certified by the Society. Complete the form below and we will communicate your request to our pool of consultants who will contact you if they believe that they could be a fit for what you are looking for. (Note: Each certified consultant determines the value of and pricing for their services.)

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    Notice to Consultants and Churches: Certification by the Society indicates the individual has completed the training or application process, but it does not imply responsibility for what the consultant does in practice, since each consultant is independent. The Society for Church Consulting does not directly employ consultants, and is not responsible for the actions of its members. We encourage all certified consultants to abide by the code of ethics, and we reserve the right to revoke credentials at any time for cause. Churches or persons using any consultant should carefully check the background and track record of each consultant before making a decision to hire them. SCC makes no explicit or implied guarantee regarding the results obtained by engaging any certified consultant.


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