Program Evaluation in Church Context: Forerunner to Effective Church Consulting

By Dr. Christson A. Adedoyin, MSW, PhD  November 17, 2020 The need for Church consultants is on the rise because of the uncertainties of ministry in the current dispensation of COVID-19. Many [...]


Five Characteristics Of A Church That Is Ready For Revitalization

By Jim Barber. November 1, 2020 Underlying the current context of COVID, the state of the Church in America is that somewhere between 65% and 85% or more need revitalization. For years, these [...]


Solutions To Major Gaps In Church Management

By ‘Niyi Dunmade  October 15, 2020 Our world today is in dire need of healthy churches with healthy leaders who operate with trending mindsets and fresh perspectives. I believe the healthier [...]


Three Ways to Bounce Back into Action: A COVID Journey

By Dr. Ethel Canty Bothuel  October 1, 2020 We did not see this coming!  In January 2020, we began executing plans, preparing sermons, contacting clients, putting dates on calendars. Then Wham! – [...]


A Journey Into Church Consulting

By Soon-Hock Lim – Empower Services & Consultancy, Malaysia September 15, 2020 My Journey I first felt the Lord’s nudging towards church consultation during the later part of my second decade [...]


How Staff Values Can Impact Church Culture

By Mark Lenz   August 27, 2020 If you’ve been in ministry for a while, you may have noticed how easy it is for a church to stray from its original purpose. Mission drift happens subtly and over [...]


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