Basic or Premium

Aspiring consultants, pastors, denominational leaders, and independent consultants join the Society for many reasons. There is value simply from being a member of an organization that is devoted to your profession. With our training discounts, our member renewal rewards, and our free annual webinars, there is financial value for our members as well.

As you consider membership, we are pleased to offer you two options, our Basic Membership and our Premium Membership. Our Premium level provides you with a development plan tool and personal coaching that will significantly help you on your path to Society Certification. Click here to download a document that compares the two.

Both Membership Levels, Basic and Premium provide you with:

  • $75 discount on the Know Your Church Report  Ask us for DISCOUNT CODE
  • $45 discount on the Organizational Health Survey Ask for DISCOUNT CODE
  • Free Church Health Encyclopedia
  • Training discounts – Discounts on all consultant training: live, video, and online cohort. (Note: Students that are enrolled in a degree program of any kind, who are also members of the Society, receive the greatest opportunity for training discounts)
  • 10% Discount on Level 5 Coaching or Shadowing
  • Free 2010 Church Consulting Future Trends report and 2017 Survey Update
  • Free 2020 58-page white paper Fishbone Diagram Church Health Assessment
  • Monthly member newsletter with Consulting Tools Corner
  • Access to our Member Resources via our website. Ask for PASSWORD
  • 20% discount on The Church Consulting Starter KitAsk for DISCOUNT CODE
  • Discount on Percept demographic reports. Ask for DISCOUNT CODE
  • Customizable consulting documents
  • Annual coachup session with the Society President
  • 1 free hour coaching in use of the Church Consulting Starter Kit

To become a Basic Member or renew your membership, click here:

Added benefits available only for our Premium Members

  • All Basic benefits listed above
  • 50% discount on The Church Consulting Starter Kit
  • Additional training in the use of the VP 1-2-3 Revitalization Tool
  • Greater discounts on Society Level 1-4 training
  • Consultant’s Development Plan Template  (a 10-page tool)
  • Development Plan interview, input, and six intentional coaching sessions
  • Coaching sessions may also be used for the Church Consulting Starter Kit (note: this must be purchased separately),
  • Coaching sessions many also be used for use of the Fishbone Diagram Church Health Assessment
  • 24/7 email, phone, and text availability of Society President

To become a Premium Member or renew your membership, click here:


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