Online Spring Revitalization Training

Starting May 17 through July 19, the Society is offering 10 Sessions of training online. Sessions will be live Thursdays at 7PM Central Time. However, you can also purchase the training and wait for the recording of each session to be sent to you so you can engage them at your pace on days and times convenient for you.

For an outline of each of the 10 Sessions. click here: spring-revitalization-teaching-plan-

Sessions 1-10 qualify as completion of Levels 1-4 training for aspiring consultants

Sessions 1-3 and Sessions 1-7 can be purchased separately and will help pastors and ministry leaders with revitalization of their churches.

If you purchase all 10 Sessions, we are also offering the following:

  • Free Consultant’s Development Plan Template
  • Free up to 3 development coaching sessions with Society President
  • Optional 30% discount on the Church Consulting Starter Kit

For pricing and more info go to registration.


The Society also typically has 2 or 3 live training events throughout the U.S. each year. These events are three days in length and they are a full offering of our Levels 1-4 training. Our recent events have been as follows:

January 2017          Seattle

October 2017          Atlanta

November 2017     Dallas

January 2018         Boston

We are actively seeking new training venues in 2018. If you would like us to come to train your denominational leaders or pastors, please contact us.






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