Society Live Training Events

The Society seeks to conduct Live Training Events throughout the U.S. each year.

These events are two-three days in length and they are a full offering of our Levels 1-4 training. Since 2016, we have had live events as follows:

Louisville, Wake Forest, Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, and West Palm Beach.

Completion of this training satisfies the requirements of Levels 1-4 training for aspiring consultants.

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Custom Live Training Events

Schedule your own event!
Custom Live Training Events assists denominational leaders in their church health and revitalization efforts. If you have a group of people you would like to equip with proven church turnaround concepts, you should consider this opportunity provided by the Society.

We are actively seeking participants and other new training venues. If you would like us to come to train your denominational leaders or pastors, please contact us.

Key Features of Custom Live Training

  • Training at your location when you guarantee a number of participants
  • The Society provides a board member or licensed trainer to conduct training
  • Level 1-4 Training is provided over three days
  • Training can be customized somewhat to fit your context

Custom Live Training Calendar

  • Feb 2016:  Kentucky Baptist Convention
  • Mar 2016:  Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
  • Jan 2017:   Converge Northwest, Federal Way, Washington
  • Sep 2017:   Atlanta, Georgia
  • Jan 2018:   Pembroke, Massachusetts
  • May 2019: Primitive Baptists, West Palm Beach, Florida

If you are interested in a Custom Live Training Event, please contact Mark Lenz at or at 763.744.7338.


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