About Certification

If you’re already a practicing consultant, or are exploring the possibility, we invite you to investigate credentials with the Society.

Have you consulted with any churches in the past? Your experience could qualify you for certification.

Certification benefits:

    1. Recognized “Certified Church Consultant” credentials
    2. Society logo to use on business cards, Web sites, brochures, etc.
    3. Listing in the online consultant directory
    4. Frameable membership certificate & code of ethics
    5. Premium member benefits are available
    6. Discount on shadowing

* Notice to Consultants and Churches: Certification by the Society indicates the individual has completed the training or application process, but it does not imply responsibility for what the consultant does in practice, since each consultant is independent. The Society for Church Consulting does not directly employ consultants, and is not responsible for the actions of its members. We encourage all certified consultants to abide by the code of ethics, and we reserve the right to revoke credentials at any time for cause. Churches or persons using any consultant should carefully check the background and track record of each consultant before making a decision to hire them. SCC makes no explicit or implied guarantee regarding the results obtained by engaging any certified consultant.

Requirements for completing certification

Download additional detail for each of these requirements.

      1. Must be a Society member in good standing ($139 per year)
      2. Complete Levels 1-5 training with the Society or equivalent training by another body. Levels 1-4 are live or online training. Level 5 is a live consultation that may be completed through coaching of your consultation or your shadowing (Live or After the Fact) of a certified consultant on one of their comprehensive consultations. Download a comparison of coaching versus shadowing.
      3. Submit a 1,000-word paper on your philosophy of consulting
      4. Complete final certification work beyond Level 5. You may choose one of the following four options:
        • Conduct a comprehensive consultation on your own and submit the final report for review.
        • If you were coached for Level 5 you can shadow a second consultation, or if you shadowed for Level 5, you can shadow a second time. The shadowing fee must be paid for this experience.
        • If in the past 3 years you completed a comprehensive consultation similar to what we describe in our training, you can submit to the Society for review the written report that you gave to the church from that consultation.
        • The Society offers¬† webinar case studies for $99 each. You must complete two of these case studies. The webinar will require written work and participation in the online webinar. You can register at any time.
      5. Submit three signed ministry reference letters
      6. Agree to abide by the Consultant’s Code of Ethics

Initial certification fee: $189

Annual certification renewal includes Society membership: $238

Path to certification

The Society has a well defined path to certification that details the training, cost and estimated timeline for aspiring consultants to become certified through the Society.

See a chart of our path to certification.

Watch a video discussion of our path to certification.


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