Three Keys To Leveraging Church Revitalization

By Jim Barber Archimedes was a Greek mathematician who lived in the 2nd century BC. He made likely the most famous quote ever about the use of a lever. By doing so, he demonstrated the [...]


Church Health And Dealing With Growth Barriers (Part 2)

by Niyi Dunmade …continued from Part 1 Micromanaging Many churches have become bureaucratic because of the problem of Micromanaging. Micromanaging in the context of church growth is a [...]


Church Health And Dealing With Growth Barriers (Part 1)

by Niyi Dunmade God wants His body to grow just like a father wants to see his child grow; He also wants churches and Christians to reproduce their kind (bear fruit), which translates into church [...]


Five Characteristics Of A Church That Is Ready For Revitalization

By Jim Barber. November 1, 2020 Underlying the current context of COVID, the state of the Church in America is that somewhere between 65% and 85% or more need revitalization. For years, these [...]


Solutions To Major Gaps In Church Management

By ‘Niyi Dunmade  October 15, 2020 Our world today is in dire need of healthy churches with healthy leaders who operate with trending mindsets and fresh perspectives. I believe the healthier [...]