Basic Membership in the Society for Church Consulting


Membership in the Society is an opportunity to join a professional organization that is devoted to your profession or aspiration. For those interested in Society training, your membership is easily paid for by training discounts plus the other benefits listed below. We have a Basic level and a Premium level of membership

Society Basic Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Discount on the Church Health Survey and demographics reports
  • Free Church Health Encyclopedia
  • Training discounts – Discounts on all consultant training including Digital Downloads and Webinars
  • Free Church Consulting Future Trends report
  • Monthly member newsletter
  • An annual 1 hour phone coachup session with the Society President
  • Customizable consulting document
  • Member rewards when you renew

Note: If you are a student enrolled in a degree program of any kind, and you are a member of the Society, you receive even greater discounts on training and the annual conference.