Some have asked, “are there other organizations that train leaders and certify consultants?” The answer is “yes…but we’re unique.” Here’s why.

Sure, there are a few other organizations that do things similar to what we do, but there are four primary areas that set us apart.

Denominationally Diverse

First, we aren’t tied to one, single denomination. As long as your group believes Jesus is the hope of the world and you have a passion to help churches get better, we’d love to work with you. Our leadership and our Certified Consultants come from a variety of denominations and have differing gifts, personalities and experiences to help the church thrive. See our Mission and Statement of Faith

Racially Diverse

The Society fully recognizes that no two churches are alike. Churches come from different social settings and face unique issues. We’ve been blessed to work with a variety of Consultants from many cultures and various backgrounds. Nearly 40% of our Certified Consultants are people of color, and 10% live and minister outside the U.S.


Some organizations specialize in one particular area of consulting. And they focus their training on that specific thing. Our training is different. We take a deep dive into a comprehensive approach to church consulting. We explore the Biblical basis for consulting and the cultural and spiritual implications of healthy churches. We train consultants to use a variety of powerful demographic and church health survey tools. And we focus on the career potential of church consulting.


There is a cost to our training and certification path, but it’s affordable. Much more affordable than some others. And yet the quality of what you receive from the Society training is unmatched. We offer training that you can spread out to fit your specific time frame and work within your budget. We offer flexibility because we know every person is different and every situation is unique. We intentionally make the Society easy to work with.

Mark Lenz
Society Executive Director



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