Level 5 Coached or Shadowing


(Note: Members may enter their discount code for a 10% discount on coaching or shadowing.)

You are welcome to proceed with Level 5 only after you have completed Society Levels 1-4 training or believe you have received equivalent training. The Society President must approve your previous equivalent training.

Level 5 is our most advanced level of training. In this practicum, you will either be coached by an instructor as you consult a church of your choice, or you will shadow a certified consultant as they conduct a qualifying consultation. In some cases, you may be offered an “after the fact” shadowing experience. This is a recent live consultation where you experience the consultation after it has been completed by the certified consultant.

Level 5 Coached
Before you register for this coached training project, please find a church willing to be your client and have Jim Barber approve it.  Email Jim at jim@churchconsulting.org to communicate your desire to be coached. He will get back to you with guidance on how the coaching relationship will proceed.

Level 5 Shadowing

The Society President must first approve your shadowing of a project. You will either shadow Jim Barber or another certified consultant. If your shadowing has been approved, you may proceed.

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