Level 1 DVD Strategic Planning Consulting


In this introductory session, Dr. Malphurs introduces the concept of strategic planning consulting. He discusses how to acquire church clients, and provides an overview of the systematic process of working with the client. He explains the importance of and how to form a strategic leadership team within the church. He explains who should be on the team when the strategic planning is conducted. He goes on to discuss how to conduct an initial church analysis with the church team. Finally, he shares his personal testimony of faith and has great interaction with a diverse group of aspiring church consultants. Members get a 20% discount!

Bonus: Introduction
Bonus: Acquiring Church Clients
Bonus: Pre-work; Preparation; Process; Practice
Bonus: Turnaround Pastors Research (TAP)
Session 1: Dr. Malphurs’ Testimony/Ministry
Session 1: Preparation for Consulting
Session 1: Forming The Strategic Leadership Team
Session 1: Church Analysis
Session 2: Spiritual Foundation
Session 2: Models vs. Process