Jumpstart consulting practice training


Have you ever said, “I would like to start a consulting practice”, but you feel stuck or unsure if you are covering all the bases? Or maybe you have previously started a practice and you have this sense that you need to revitalize it. In either circumstance, Jumpstart is for you.

This training includes the Church Consulting Starter Kit. If you have already purchased the Kit, we will give you a discount code to account for that. The pricing schedule for nonmembers and others is as follows. If you need a discount code, contact Jim Barber.

Nonmembers $345

Basic Members $285

Premium Members $195

Certified Consultants $145

If you own the Kit $75

The Jumpstart training content is as follows:

·       What’s in your Starter Kit?

·       5 introductory exercises that will help you launch your practice

·       How to describe your practice (name, logo, mission, etc.)

·       How to and why you should define your target market

·       How to define and develop your consulting services

·       How to organize your consulting practice structure

·       How to promote your consulting services

·       How to price your consulting services

·       How to keep yourself financially whole

The training was recorded in a live session in 2018 and is taught by Jim Barber. Jim started his own practice in 2010 after seven years of voluntarily consulting. He has helped many others get their practices started.

When you order the training, you will be sent the Kit (unless you already have it) and a link to the two hours of recorded training.



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