Generalist Track Lvl 4


In Level 4 training, Dr. John Ewart completes the Level 1-4 series with many practical topics that are essential to well-rounded consulting. From a ministry perspective, he addresses leadership development, discipleship, and assimilation. For those starting or overseeing a consulting practice, he also addresses how to write a proposal, how to acquire clients, how to set your fees and more. PowerPoint included. Members get a 20% discount! Student Members, 50% discount!

Level 4: Best Practices in Church Consultation

  • Assimilation and Follow up
  • Discipleship Issues
  • Leadership Development
  • Writing a Consulting Proposal
  • Acquiring Clients A-Z
  • Building a Resource File
  • Writing the Consulting Report
  • Assessing the Consultation
  • Church Consultation Fees
  • Your Consultation Report Presentation