In Depth Case Study to complete Certification


You can register for a case study at any time.

Written Requirement. When you register, you will be able to download the In Depth Case Study instructions, background, the expectations of your written assignment, and instructions for how to log in to the live webinar. The Society will contact you with dates for when your written assignment is due and when the online webinar will occur.

One way to complete the requirements for Society certification is to complete two in depth case studies. These are offered four times a year. You may register for them at any time. When you register, you will be required to read through the case study and complete a written assignment by a specific date prior to the live online webinar. You are also required to log in and participate in the online webinar.

Please Note: Anyone can register for and participate in these case studies. However, to receive credit for this toward your completion of Society certification, you must have previously completed Society training Levels 1-5 as a prerequisite. The case studies build upon your training and give you an opportunity to apply that training in a simulated church and consultation setting.



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